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Search for jobs by trade in your working area and receive instant notifications when new, matching jobs are added. You can also keep yourself busy by advertising any last minute gaps in your work diary. Download for FREE and register to enjoy a 3-month FREE trial!

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The Trade Jobs app has been developed by the trade, for the trade and is designed to make finding jobs and managing your work diary a breeze.

Search for jobs posted by contractors for free and receive instant notifications when new jobs are added, matching your trade and working area. We cover everything from jobs for labourers to bricklayers, electricians, carpenters and so many more. To see all the different trades that we cover click here.

Have you ever had a job postponed last minute, leaving you having to find alternative work? On the Trade Jobs app, you can advertise the dates you’re available for last minute or short term work to keep yourself busy. Contractors and other tradespeople can search for available tradespeople by trade, location and dates. If your availability matches their search, they can view your profile and can contact you directly from the app.

Find a job now

  • Check out the job ads posted on the app to find a tradesperson job right now
  • Receive instant notifications when a new job is added matching your trade and location
  • Send your profile directly to the contractor when you find a job you’re interested in

Stay busy

  • Register and add your availability
  • Contractors can contact you with jobs that fit your skills for the dates that you’re available
  • You can also search for available tradespeople in your area if you need an extra boost when finishing a project

If you have any comments about the app, take a look at the frequently asked questions section. Or you can get in touch directly with the team at [email protected] or by calling 01273 090181.

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