Trade Jobs website homepage - an app for construction
Trade Jobs website homepage

The Idea – Your App for Construction

If you have an idea for an app for construction – good work! Before you start looking into getting app developers and agencies involved, it’s worth doing a little bit of early research. This will help to decide whether it’s going to be worth taking the idea forward or not, because building apps can be very expensive and take time!

It’s worth considering presenting your app idea to a family member, friend or colleague you can trust for their thoughts. You might find they have some helpful suggestions for the app you hadn’t considered.

Do some market research into whether there is an app the same or similar already out there. Do you have any competitors? If not, great! However, if there is another app already on the market, will your app provide suitable competition to your competitors? How will your app be better? What can you offer your customers that the existing app can’t?

How is Your App For Construction Going to Work?

Trade Jobs early user journey for developing an app in construction
Trade Jobs early user journey for developing an app in construction

If after your market research you decide to take your app for construction further, you should consider putting your idea down on paper. This could be in the form of a user journey where you map out how you see a user navigating through your app.

This will not only help you to develop the idea further by helping you to understand how it might work, but it’ll also help an app developer to better understand the concept for offering an estimate to build your app.

It’s worth considering the ‘MSCW’ concept: Must have, Should have, Could have, Won’t have.

Must have – describes a requirement of the app that must be included for it to be considered a success.

Should have – a high-priority requirement that should be included if possible.

Could have – a requirement that is desirable but not necessary.

Won’t have – a requirement that won’t be included in a given release but may be considered in future.

You should also consider how the app is going to generate an income, even if it’s only to repay the build costs.

Logo and Branding

Brand development - app for construction
Trade Jobs brand development

It’s important to create a strong brand, including logo and colours as early as possible so you remain consistent. Consistency is key across your app for construction and all of your marketing to best build your brand awareness. Plus, the earlier the better for your app developer when building your app.

You should also consider creating a website to provide information on your app and to give you an online presence.

For help in creating your brand and website, it might be worth considering using a marketing company for their design and expert advice. You may find they can also take care of the app development as well.

Bringing Your App For Construction to Life

Trade Jobs home screen
Trade Jobs app home screen

Whether you decide to source an app developer yourself or you use a marketing company to coordinate it all, watching your app come to life is the most exciting part!

Get access to the test version of your app during development so you can test it as much as possible. Check the app against the user journey’s you set out at the beginning and whether the relevant notifications are generated, if applicable. Make sure to feedback your findings and ask friends and family to test it too.

Launch and Marketing Your App

Trade Jobs Facebook Ad for Tradespeople
Trade Jobs Facebook ad aimed at Tradespeople

During the development of your app for construction, your marketing company should be looking into a marketing plan and discussing with you a potential launch date.

How do you think it’s best to advertise your app and get your name out there? Social Media? Radio? Magazines? Your marketing company will be able to advise you and offer advert designs and content.

Building Your User Base

Building Your User Base
Searching for Available Tradespeople on the Trade Jobs Platform

The biggest challenge of a new app, not just an app for construction is building your user base! You could build the best app in the world, but it’s not much use if no one downloads it.

The key is to give it time and to keep marketing. Only time will tell!

Set Targets

Be sure to set targets in order to measure success of your app for construction. This could be targets around the number of users, the revenue generated or the number of downloads.

App Development and Launch of Trade Jobs

App Development and Launch of Trade Jobs
Trade Jobs website home screen

The Trade Jobs app was launched in January 2022 and is going from strength to strength.

Trade Jobs used Prophecy Marketing for full brand strategy and implementation; they used them to develop a fully optimised website and had them lead the app development. Prophecy Marketing have also executed multiple advertising campaigns and video content for Trade Jobs.

See Prophecy Marketing’s case study on their website for an insight into how the Trade Jobs app was developed and launched.